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Paperless Bill Credits

Get a $1 account credit each month that you are registered for "no paper bills".

You will receive an email notice each month when statments are ready.

To set-up Paperless Billing:

  • Log in to "SmartHub"
  • Go to "My Profile" on the top menu
  • Go to "Update my printed bill settings on the left hand side menu
  • Under "Printed Bill Status" choose "OFF"


Payment Options

  • Automatic Bank or Credit Card Payment
    Have your service paid for automatically on the 21st of each month and still keep on top of your account with a monthly statement. Just fill our Automatic Withdrawal Form, include a void cheque if necessary and get it to us.
  • On-Line Through Your Bank
    Hay has arrangements with most major banks allowing you to pay on-line via your BMO, RBC, Scotiabank, TD, CIBC, or Credit Union online banking sites.
  • In Person
    Our office accepts MasterCard, Visa, Debit, Cheque and Money Orders. 
  • By Mail
    Be sure to include your cheque. 


Seasonal Suspension

You can put all your services, including telephone, TV and internet on suspension for a maximum of 6 months in any year, but only once in each calendar year. When you do this you will retain your original phone number and you will not have to return equipment such as modems and set-top boxes. We do ask that you unplug these devices so they will not be damaged by lightning while you are away and will function when you get back. Most regular surge protectors bought at a hardware store will only protect against power fluctuations in your hydro and not against lightning strikes.

Requirements for seasonal suspension of service

  • You will need to call each year to set-up this service.
  • The administration fee to suspends telephone and any other service is $57 if you are a residential customer and $120 for a business.
  • If you choose to suspend just TV and/or internet service, the cost is $20 for each service suspended.
  • The service automatically reconnects after six months unless you call to hook them up early.
  • You will need to give us one business day notice before we can reconnect your service when you come back early.
  • You must be on a pre-authorized payment plan to access this service.
  • Once per calendar year you can put your services on suspension for a maximum 6 months.

If you have a security system that relies on phone service, you will need to keep your phone active.

Please note that if you "suspend" your service at any time, your current services and prices may not be available on your return.


Understanding Your Bill  


Download a document that explains each section of your bill. Just click on the image to the left.

For More information:


Your First Bill and Prorated Charges

When you see your first bill from Hay Communications or if you subscribe to a new Hay service, you will see a prorated charge for your service(s). That is why your bill may be higher than you expected.

Proration only occurs on the first and last billing of any service you subscribed to in the preceding month. You pay for your Hay services one month in advance. So, if you subscribe to Digital TV service, your first bill will charge a fee for service for the date you subscribe to the service until the billing cut-off for Hay, which is around the 26th of the month and also a charge for the upcoming month.

If you cancelled a service you will likely see prorated credits on your next bill. Since you have paid for your service a month in advance, this will be a credit for the amount you did not use the service from the date of cancellation to the billing cut-off date.

      For Example you subscribed to a service on the 16th of the month. These will be your charges:

  • You will pay for the service from the 16th to approximately the 26th
  • You will also pay for the upcoming month.

      The next month you will only see the regular monthly charge.

Patronage Credits

Each year the Board of Directors considers the profits of Hay Communications over the past year as well as the overall condition of the company. They will determine how much patronage will be paid to each "member" for the upcoming year.

On each January Account statement, patronage is calculated based on:

  • The percentage amount the Board determined would be paid out for that year.
  • What you paid for phone service and calling features over the year.

You will see a CR or credit in your account statement based on these factors.

Usually patronage amounts to about one month of service. If you see CR beside the Amount Owing, you do not need to send money, as that indicates your account has funds in it that will be applied to your next months statement.

If you are not receiving patronage, you may not be a member. You need to have our phone service in a 236, 237 or 238 exchange and have opted to become a member at some point.

Customers in other exchanges such as Hensall and Exeter will not qualify for patronage credits.

For details on what Patronage means, go to the About Us page.

Hosted PBX Web Portal

Click on this link to enter the Hay IP-Phone Portal

Click on this link to change the address of your Hosted PBX Handsets www.hay.net/e911

Web Mail

Our Web Mail serves as an invaluable tool while away from home, whether on business or on vacation, to check your "hay.net" email.

When setting up your email with multiple devices we recommend that you use your personal computer-based email program, such as Thunderbird, and set it up as an IMAP type of account.  You can then also set your email up on additional devices (PC/phones/tablets, etc...) as an IMAP account and this will keep all devices as well as webmail in sync.

Go to WebMail Login

Web Mail Features

  • Enhanced performance and speed
  • improvements in stability
  • SSL secure login
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Find-as-you-type address book
  • Search messages and contacts
  • Threaded message listing
  • Full featured address book
  • Spell Checker
  • Rich text/HTML message composing

Change Your Password

Please take the following steps to change your password.

1) Go http://hay.net and log into Webmail.
2) Click the Settings link at the top right.
3) Click the Password tab.
4) Fill in the form and click save.

These are all the steps necessary to change your password.

Can't See Your Contacts

If you access your webmail and you cannot see your contacts, there are a couple things to check.

First please make sure you always use the same case (ie: all lower case) when entering in your email address.

Second, if you previously used our "Old Webmail" client our support can assist you with migrating all of your contacts and saved folders over to the current webmail client.