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Let Hay Communications help restore peace of mind by adding professional, 24/7 monitoring to your security system. The monitoring service offered by Hay works with alarm systems installed by homeowners or professionally-installed existing systems.


Secure and Automate



Security is not just about preventing crime, it's about peace of mind.

When we think of a security system, most people think of the most important situation which is unwanted entry into your home. But there are other important things a properly installed security system can monitor. What if the pipes freeze or a fire starts? What if you are not there when it happens? You could lose everything. Monitoring can cover all the variables that may occur in your home when you are there or away and also your protect your cottage during the winter months.


Each installation requires a review of the premises by our installation technicians. The installer will make suggestions to ensure your home has adequate coverage and provide an estimate free of charge.

Basic System

Many homes can have adequate coverage from a basic system. Basic equipment includes: two window/door sensors, one motion detector, one indoor siren, a control panel, key pad and security phone jack. Placed in the correct places around your home, your house can be fully monitored.

Additional Equipment

Additional monitored equipment is available and can be included in your estimate. Items you may want your home monitored for include: water sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, panic pendants, outdoor sirens, and pet-immune motion detectors.

Window and Door Decals are deterrents when someone is considering which house to break in to. We provide these at no extra cost.


Many insurance companies will give you a reduced rate when you have a monitored security system installed. We can provide a certificate that shows the coverage and sensors your home has monitored.

24/7 Monitoring Station

Our monitoring company uses advanced technology and equipment to provide you with seamless monitoring services 24/7. When your Hay security system detects an alarm, a signal is transmitted to the Monitoring Station, they will dispatch the proper emergency personnel and call a list of contacts you provide. Your security system will also sound an alarm in your home or business so that you may act quickly and accordingly.





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