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The SKINNY on Skinny

Hay Communications believes in the changes the CRTC is making. Channel providers are mandated to make changes under the new rules and this will allow flexibility in packages we offer - giving you more choice.

Hay Communications WILL offer a small digital package, however:

It will not be available by March 1st as contract negotiations with channel providers are not completed.

It may not look like other large provider packages

It may be offered at a rate higher or lower than $25

Small Theme Packs: Hay already offers small theme packages at reasonable rates. However you will see changes in our packages.

Single Channel Choice: We will continue to offer channels individually although many more will be added to the list of choices shortly.

Pick a pack: Where you put your own package together (pick a pack) will also be offered at some point.


THE FACTS on Skinny Basic

Large distributors of television services such as Bell, Shaw or Eastlink are LICENSED and therefore obligated to adhere to new CRTC rules.

Hay Communications is an UNLICENSED Broadcast Distribution Undertaking (BDU) because of our small size.

Unlicensed BDUs are NOT obligated to adhere to regulatory mandates developed by the Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC) in the "Let's Talk TV" policy decisions.

Meaning, Hay Communications does NOT have to provide a Skinny Basic TV Line-up at $25

If you would like to read more on the CRTC decisions you can go to