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Reduce Your Data Charges

You can use data services in 195 countries, however, data usage is not included in your plan while roaming. When you are outside of Canada, you will incur data roaming charges when you use services such as email, visual voicemail, web browsing, BBM, and app downloads.

Tips to reduce data Charges:

Turn off data roaming and use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data for email, we browsing and other data services. Please note that Wi-Fi may not always work as a substitute for data roaming. Your smartphone may switch to a mobile network if the Wi-Fi signal is weak or if you leave the Wi-Fi coverage area, thus incurring data roaming charges. Ensure data roaming is disabled if you want to use Wi-Fi only.

Turn off the phone's ability to fetch new data in applications such as email or social networking. Note that with these setting, you will have to manually check email and sync contacts and calendars. Data will no longer be pushed to your phone automatically. When you check these features, be sure you are on Wi-Fi only or data charges may apply.

Consult your user guide for information on how to change data and Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone.

Be sure to install the latest operating system to your smartphone before you leave.

Use a roaming bundle to save on roaming costs.