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Connect to Innovate Project

May 2017 - Connect to Innovate Huron is a project that would bring Fibre-to-the Home (FTTH) to approximately 3,877 under-served residents and businesses and a population of roughly 9700 in 11 distinctly rural project areas in Huron County. While a number of competing suppliers exist in every major population centre in the County, only local telecommunications Co-operatives have ventured onto rural concessions to provide last mile fibre to County residents.

The Federal Government’s Connect to Innovate program will invest $500 million by 2021, to ensure that rural and remote communities across Canada are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the digital age. CTI defined two types of last mile projects, those lacking any terrestrial infrastructure and those partially-served. To be considered, last-mile projects in partially-served areas such as Huron County, must demonstrate need through surveys, speed tests or engineering studies.

To meet the project timeline, the Co-ops chose surveys backed with speed tests. More than 1700 Surveys were completed. From this data, the Co-ops identified more than 100 CTI defined sectors in Huron that qualify for inclusion in a proposed joint CTI/Co-op/County funded initiative that could be built by the Co-ops within the CTI funding window between now and the end of March 2021.

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Small Communities Fund

November 2016 - In partnership with the government of Canada and the Province of Ontario, Hay Communications is working to extend high speed internet access to rural parts of Huron County.

This build will ensure residents and businesses are not disadvantaged by their geographic location and can participate fully in the digital economy.


Communities that will benefit:

These communities in Southern Huron County will be connected with fibre if the funding is provided:

Mount Carmel

As well as farms and residential homes in between these towns and a local school


This project is with thanks in-part to the Small Communities Fund and the Building Ontario Infrastructure Program.

Read the Press Release:

"Bringing high-speed internet access to rural residents"

UPDATE:  Funding for the project was received and work to the communities is proceeding.