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Set-Tob Boxes

Home TV Service Set-Top Boxes

Set-Top Boxes (STB)

Our set-top boxes feature high-definition TV (HDTV) capability which provides up to twice the colour resolution and up to six times the sharpness of standard definition TV when connected to an HD-capable Television.



  High Definition Video Recording Pause & Rewind VOD Whole Home Capability*

Standard HD Box
$6/month rental



Recording PVR HD Set-Top Box
/month rental

Record, pause and rewind live programming.




Why is Digital Service Best?

Digital Service Has Proven:

  • Crisp clear picture worthy of your flat screen TV. Up to five times greater resolution that analogue service.
  • Dolby Digital sound you didn't know your TV could produce. Add a sound bar and Stingray Music service and you won't need a home stereo system.

Set-Top Box Functionality is Exceptional!

Your Set-top box doesn't just play movies and shows. It gives you access to a wide range of features and services.

  • Interactive guide with features such as: future program viewing, programming highlights and parental control
  • View programs on the guide up to one week ahead
  • Record, Pause & Rewind when you have a recording STB
  • Autotune & Auto Reminder for upcoming shows
  • On Demand TV viewing. Many free selections are available
  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD).
  • Access to pay-per-view selections
  • Whole Home Recording and playback ability*
  • Parental Controls
  • Program Searches
  • On Screen Caller ID (available when you subsscribe to Call ID on your home phone service)




High Definition Viewing

There are serveral things you need in order to view a program in high definition.

  • A high definition television.
  • A high definition receiver or set-top box correctly installed and connected to that TV.
  • HDMI cables from the set-top box to the television.
  • A signal from the channel/content provider that has been recorded and transmitted in high definition. (A channel is considered high definition when it can deliver at least 60% high definition content.)

When you have all the right components, our technicians can guarantee you are correctly installed to view the best high defintion video and sound quality.




Whole Home Service - $5/mo.

Whole Home Service allows you to watch, stop and pause a recorded program from up to three  digital STB's networked in your home as long as one is a Recording PVR box. The recording PVR works like a server allowing other digital set-top boxes to access programs recorded on it.

  • Recordings you make in one room can be viewed in another.
  • Watch  recordings simultaneously in multiple rooms.





All prices are monthly. Taxes are extra.
Boxes are not available for purchase. In order to watch different programs, each TV in the home requires a set-top box.
Recording functionality may be limited on some channels.

*Whole Home service is not included with either regular or DVR STB. There is a $5 monthly charge