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Open in 2061 when Hay Communications celebrates its 150th.
We've Been Here for Over 100 years and are planning the next hundred!


  Give your future family, friends or even yourself a glimpse of what our present day looks like. If you could ask your parents "What was your youth like?", what momento, picture or message would capture those details? This is what we are looking to encapsulate.  


We are Looking for Three General Types of Entries.

  • Your family or business now and its history
  • How you celebrated Canada's 150th, including memorabilia, messages & photos
  • Interesting items of historical importance plus items that may be interesting in 2061


Here are some ideas:

  • Your family tree & photo of your family
  • Family or business messages that give a brief history
  • Recent wedding or birthday pictures
  • Capture the music, arts or sports culture of the day
  • Movie or concert stubs
  • Small pieces of artwork (that won't degrade)
  • Coins, stamps, menus, agendas
  • Interesting newspaper clippings


Get Involved

Get Involved in the Community Time Capsule

We will be creating a Facebook Event Page and Tweeting about the project.

You can get involved too!
Help older family members participate. They could submit items with their grandchildren in mind.

Post on the Facebook Event Page what you are submitting or suggestions we missed.

Tweet about your submission with a photo.

Submissions will be accepted until the end of September. We are flexible if we need to wait for an important item.

The idea of the Community Time Capsule is to commemorate Canada and Hay Communications' 150th Anniversaries.




What Happens With the Capsule?

Once all the items are collected, a metal box will be built to hold the items. Momentos will be added and the box sealed. On-site there is a vault at Hay where we will store the time capsule  and label it "Open in 2061". This will be the 150th Anniversary of Hay Communications.

A message to the future staff will also be affixed to the top of the capsule. It will include a list of submitters that can be annouced to the community so your friends & family can be present to see the messages and items you left to be discovered in the capsule.




How to Submit Items

In-Person or by Mail
Bring in your small Item and ask staff to deliver it to Kelli Phillips, Marketing Director

Zurich Office - 72863 Blind Line
Just down the road from RONA
Exeter Office - 168 Thames Road West


General Inquiries

If you want to submit something but aren't sure if it is appropriate or if you just have questions, email Kelli by clicking HERE

You can also call: 519-236-0104




Terms of Items Added to the Capsule

Due to the complexities of a time capsule project in 2017 and in 2061, and all the people who may contribute, any items submitted must become the property of Hay Communications. If you submit an item, you or your family may not be able to claim it once the capsule is opened.

Items Must be Small.

Staff of Hay Communications will make the final determination as to what can fit and is appropriate to be added to the Community Time Capsule. Any item that may deteriorate and compromise other items will not be included.