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Data Back-Up & Storage


Data Back-Up and Storage

Hay On-Line Data Backup is a fast, simple and secure way to protect data from your home or business.


NEW Pricing structure with higher data storage at lower prices!

20 GB
100 GB
Monthly $9.95 $29.95
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How Does Hay Online Back-up Work?

Hay Online Back-up lets you automate the backup of your data.

  1. At a time chosen by you, your new and changed files are prepared for the back-up.  You can also manually create a back-up at any time.
  2. Your data files are compressed to approximately one half.
  3. Using your existing broadband connection, the compressed and encrypted files are sent to our secure backup server.
  4. The data is stored on the backup server and is always available to you.
  5. After each backup you receive a status report by e-mail.

Getting Started

Just contact Hay Communications!  We will provide you with a username, password, and software download link. Using this you can easily download and install the software. The back-up software guides you through the installation procedure. You can choose which files you want to backup and at what time you want the backup to be conducted. As soon as you log in, Hay Communications will send an On-line Back-up manual to your e-mail address.

You can have total peace of mind.  All back-ups will run automatically.  You are required to do nothing.  Just sit back, relax and have all your important data safely protected automatically.


Restoration of Data

You just need to have access to a browser to restore your back-up data.  This simple requirement allows you to restore your back-up anytime and anywhere!

Remember, your files are compressed before they are sent to the storage server.  This typically will result in a 50% reduction in file size.  Our pricing is based on the compressed size of your files.

Free Trial Offer

Click on the following link and try out our Online Backup for up to 45 days at no charge.

ACB (Recommended) - Easy to use and set-up

Windows       MacOS

OBM When advanced features are required