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Stages of Construction

Exeter is the next community to be connected to our fibre optic network. Construction and installation will begin shortly.

We have divided the town into SIX Phases for construction. You can see where you are using the maps below as well as progress reports on each phase.

You can view our services by clicking on the links to the right. An example of how to bundle basic services is shown below.

Three Stages of Construction:

1. Fibre through the community

2. Conduit to your house or business

3. Inside Work - Installation of the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) & battery back-up. Fibre hook-up and service activation if possible.


Stage One - Taking Fibre Through Your Community

The first stage of construction is to bury conduit underground along the roadways. Underground is preferable over aerial installations to keep the look of your community clean and to make the cable less susceptible to damage. Fibre will eventually be pulled through this conduit.

A process called "directional boring" will be used. A machine efficiently places the conduit under driveways and roads creating very little disruption of the ground. Many times you cannot even tell that it has gone through your property.

A box or terminal that houses connection points will also be installed on municipal property at specific points along the fibre route.

Stage Two - Up to the Building

Once you see construction begin in your area, almost immediately the next stage of taking conduit to each home and business will also begin. If you have not submitted your "Approval to Access" form, you will be contacted to ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity.

Once we have your approval, a representative from Weber Contracting will contact you to discuss placement of the conduit on your property and any underground water or electrical features you may have.

During this stage, a 1/2" conduit pipe will be installed up to your home or business in the best possible place for easy access to the inside utility area; usually where your hydro and other services enter the building.

Stage Three - Work Inside Your Home or Business

Whenever possible we would prefer to access your home or business only once. Coordination with our office staff will be required to book the installation of the ONT, battery back-up unit as well as any services you may want.

The ONT and battery are usually installed in your utility room. Because fibre optics cannot conduct electricity, you need a battery back-up to keep the network connection running when the electricity goes out. For this reason, an electrical outlet will need to be available in this area.

Installation of the ONT and battery as well as connection of the fibre will take approximately two hours.



Progress Report - August 2014

August, 2014 - We have received over 70% approvals for fibre installation from residents and businesses in Exeter. That is 1357 properties, so far. We have conduit buried to ~531 properties and will continue until the ground freezes. Along with the constuction work, activations are also going strong. If you have acknowleged that you would like to switch to Hay services, please know that we are working at getting fibre in the ground as quick as we can so we can provide them. We appreciate your patience.

Progress Report - April 2014

April, 2014 - Phase 6 which is the South-West end of town beyond the railway tracks is being completed this spring. Major construction is completed to all other streets in Exeter. Conduit to each home is now the major focus for 2014. If you have not been approached regarding the installation of fibre, please contact Hay at 519-235-3369.

Damage to property that has been exposed after the harsh winter is being repaired. If you have issues on your property, please contact:

Darroll Konings
Cell: 519-741-7806

Weber's crews will be checking each street and making repairs as quick as possible. If you notify us, we will be at your property within a couple of days or less.



Exeter Office

The Exeter Office Location is Now Open. This office or our main business ofice in Zurich can answer your questions.

168 Thames Road, West in Exeter

72863 Blind Line (Behind RONA) Zurich


Office hours are: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 4:30



Phase 3/4


Progress Report - Phase 3

August, 2013 - Major construction went through phase 3 very quickly. Canvassing will begin shortly. If you have not heard from Hay staff, don't worry you can still get the fibre to your home. Conduit drilling crews are in Phase 1.


Progress Report - Phase 4

South of the River to the southern Exeter border, West of Main Street. The westerly division between Phase 4 and Phase 5 is along the roads shown in the diagram.

August, 2013 - Major construction went through phase 3 very quickly and work in Phase 4 down roadways has begun. Conduit drilling crews are in Phase 1.


Phase 2


Progress Report - Phase 2

June 4th - We're under across the river! Major construction down each roadway in Phase 2 is set to start now that we are across the river.

June 13th - Almost 60% of residents in phase 2 area have already signed up for fibre installation.

June 20th - Canvassing in Phase 2 will begin shortly

August 22nd - Major construction has been completed in most areas of phase 2.

Riverview properties will not be completed until after Phase 6 major construction has been completed.



Phase 1




Progress Report - Phase 1

Initial estimates for construction to begin is March 18th

March 22nd. Due to the recent snow, construction on phase one has been delayed until April 9th

March27th - Hay Communications staff have begun to canvas phase one residents and businesses. If you are in this phase, please email us using the link above if you are interested in having the fibre to your premise.

April 9th - Drills are expected to be in the ground Monday April 15th. Phase one residents will be seeing utility locates beginning along their roadways.

April 16th - Weber's are in the ground. Construction has begun!

June 20th - Phase One major Construction down each road is complete.

Drilling the conduit in to homes who have given approval has begun. It's not too late if you haven't signed up yet, call today.

August, 2013 - Conduit is being installed up to buidlings.

Orders for services are being taken and installed.


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Property Access
Approval to Access Form


Who can I call with concerns about my property?

Weber Contracting

Jarrett Weber

Darroll Konings
Cell: 519-741-7806

All issues will be dealt with immediately.




Download Map of Exeter showing all phases. Click on image to download .pdf