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Hosted PBX Phone Systems for Large and Small Business

High quality voice communication over Internet Protocol allows enhanced business performance and increased productivity. The system grows and moves with your small, medium or large business.

Features of a Hosted Business Phone System

  • Centrally hosted equipment, managed, serviced and upgraded by Hay Communications.
  • Fully backed-up facilities so calls with still be answered by the automated system in case of power outages.
  • Quick disaster recovery. In the event of a disaster at the workplace, service can be quickly and easily reinstated at an alternate location.
  • Extension moves instantaneously.
  • Multi-site remote office capabilities with seamless extension integration.
  • Call management services.
  • Directory listings.
  • Fully automated and programmable auto attendant with time-of-day call handling and hunt groups.
  • Web interface portal - Manage your phone greetings and messages from any computer, plus many other call management functions such as forwarding your voicemail to other staff or your email.
  • Find me - follow me capabilities.
  • Installation, initial set-up, support and training of the system provided by trained Hay staff.
  • Avoid capital expenditures with lease options.
  • Our system is completely hosted at our facility.


Small business can now have the same great functionality as large business without capital expenses. As you grow, our system grows with you, indefinitely! Just add handsets as you add staff or office locations.

Large and small business can also have the flexibility of several office locations with just one public access number. The customer will never know. Great flexibility for expanding companies.

Basically a Hay Hosted PBX System offers you more functionality than a key system, with no capital expenditures, more flexibility and more features. We own and maintain the main equipment at our facility location.

Basic installation, support and training are provided at no cost.

We offer quality Cisco System IP Handsets to help you improve customer service, ordering processes and streamline all business voice communication.


While the Hosted PBX is IP based. It is not a traditional VoIP system. Dedicated lines mean no ghosting or dead air.


Cisco Equipment

Cisco IP phones provide unmatched levels of integrated business capabilities and converged communications features beyond today's conventional voice systems, surpassing competitive offerings. As the market leader in IP telephone, Cisco Systems® continues to deliver unparalleled end-to-end data and true voice-over-IP solutions, offering the most complete, stylish, fully featured IP phone to enterprise and small and midsized business customers.

IP Phone 7960 Series Features

Anonymous Call Rejection Caller ID (with service) Multi-Call Park
Block Caller ID Block Multi-Call Park Pick-up
Call Forwarding Conference Calling (internal) Priority Call
Call Forward Busy Directed Call Pick-up Privacy Guard
Call Forward No Answer Do Not Disturb Redial
Call Return Find Me, No Answer Selective Call Forward
Call Trace Group Pick-up Selective Call Block
Call Wait/ID Manager Hold Speed Dial
Call Waiting Indicated Call Park Transfer 976/900


Customer Testimonials

We have been using Hay Communications VoiIP service for about 1 year now. The staff is fabulous - very nice, friendly, and extremely responsive. For example, we had numerous issues with our other system, none of them Hay's fault, but the fact it was an archaic system. Hay stepped up to deal with the situation. They have been willing to do whatever it takes to get things working properly. Now we have our new system and we love it. We appreciate this and have had a positive experience working with them.

Wilma Timmers, Data Management/IT, Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre, 2011
Hosted PBX Business Phone System, Internet & Cellular Customer on Hay's fibre network


The Bluewater Area Family Health Team utilize both the Hosted PBX and internet services from Hay Communications. The staff have been great to work with. The staff are an excellent resource when looking at new technology. The staff discuss what the organizational needs are and do not push additional services, just to make a sale. The Hay Communications team are quick re respond to issues and problems. If the problem is not a Hay Communications problem they will refer you to the appropriate contact and even work with other partners on our behalf. Excellent product and customer service.

Ann Brabender, Administrative Lead, Bluewater Area Family Health Team, 2011
Hosted PBX Business Phone System & Internet Customer


Cisco 7960 Series Handsets


Change Handset Location

Update the location of a hosted PBX handset for 9-1-1 purposes


9-1-1 services for PBX systems differ from traditional 9-1-1 service.

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