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Previews & Changes

Previews & Changes

Current & Upcoming Channel Previews

Adult Swim #351 (Sept 1 to 30, 2024)

Animal Planet #373 (June 20 to July 16, 2024)

Cartoon Network #360 (October 1 to 31, 2024)

Discovery Channel #381 (June 20 to July 16, 2024)

Discovery Science #382 (June 20 to July 16, 2024)

Discovery Velocity #375 (June 20 to July 16, 2024)

Food Network #358 (November 1 to 30, 2024)

H2 #364 (August 1 to 31, 2024)

HGTV #360 (Sept 1 to 30, 2024)

History #367 (November 1 to 30, 2024)

Investigation Discovery #293 (June 20 to July 16, 2024)

La chaîne Disney #608 (Sept 1 to 30, 2024)

Nat Geo Wild #371 (June 1 to 30, 2024)

REV TV #422 (July 1 to 31, 2024)

Showcase #520 (October 1 to 31, 2024)

W Network #333 (November 1 to 30, 2024)

Recently Off Preview

ABC Spark #322 (January 1 to January 31, 2024)

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Changes to Our Channel Line-Up

Providers often rebrand their channels, either just a name change or sometimes their entire format and content. We will post upcoming changes as we receive notice. From time to time Hay must also adjust packages for various reasons including contract obligations, channels being discontinued etc. We try not to make changes, but sometimes they are unavoidable. Check here for the most recent and upcoming changes.

Hay Communications has been notified by Bell Media that they will be discontinuing MTV2 as of March 29, 2024.

As of Jan. 1st, 2024 DW Channel (#17) will change from the German language feed to the English feed. We apologize for any inconvenience. This is a programmer change.

We have been notified by Viacom International that they are discontinuing the channel Paramount Network. This will take place December 31, 2023. It will be removed from TV channel packages and billing on that date.

We have been notified by Bell Media that they will cease operation of ESPN Classic, channel 415 effective October 31st, 2023. The broadcast signal will be removed from our channel line-up and billing at that time. Thank you.

We have taken into consideration concerns over the removal of Radio Stations from our Channel Line-up, August 1st, 2023, and have been able to add some local radio stations back in to our line-up. In order to do this we needed to remove some Stingray Stations.

Radio that has been added
846 – CBC Radio 1
847 – CBC Music
859 – FM96
858 – Pure Country 93
860 – CKNX 101.7
861 – AM920
862 – Country 104.9
865 – myFM – Exeter
894 – AMI – Radio

Stingray Channels that were removed
919 – Urban
943 – Opera Plus
956 – Chillout
963 – World Carnival
964 – Bollywood Hits
965 – Total Hits Italy
967 – Total Hits France
972 – Headbangers
985 – Nostalgie
987 – Mousses Musique
983 – France Attitude

As of August 1st, 2023, RADIO Channels were removed from our TV platforms. We heard several concerns over this and are happy to say we have been able to add some local radio back in. Please see further information in a more recent post.

NOTICE: July 1st, 2023

Due to increased costs we are making the following changes to your TV service as of August 1st, 2023.

Hay Xstream TV Service:
Complete Package to $33/mo (note: streaming package rate is separate)

IPTV & CABLE TV Services:
Essentials Package will increase to $30/mo
Select Package will increase to $47/mo

ALL TV Services:
Crave+ to $21/mo
Crave+ with STARZ to $26/mo
All $3 Pick ‘n Pay channels will increase to $4/mo

Minor change with a rate decrease:
The Medley Theme Package will have the following change.
FXNOW will be replaced with FX.
The monthly rate for the Medley Package will decrease from $9 to $7/mo
We are also decreasing the FX stand-alone rate to $5/mo.

Additional package change: Teletoon french will be moved from the Kids & Youth package to the French Alló package. No rate changes.

We are discontinuing YTV west (#310) and Comedy west (#554) from our line-up. They are duplicate channels, just time-shifted 3 hours. As Xstream TV has the REPLAY feature for both of these regular channels, you can easily watch live programs going back 36 hours.

These small incremental increases and adjustments for 2023 are a direct result of provider contract agreements. We apologize for these changes but assure you, we do our best to keep the costs as low as we can yet also allowing us to provide a high quality service with exceptional content for everyone.

Hay Communications Co-operative Limited

We are discontinuing Pay Per View (PPV) service from Cable and IPTV platforms. As of May 1st, customers will no longer be able to rent fights or programs through this service. PPV is NOT available on our Xstream TV service.

After the Corus rebrand on March 27th, Hay Communications channel line-up changes include Cartoon Network #302 in the Complete TV package and Entertainment package and Boomerang, channel #303 will be located in the Select TV package.

Partial Release: Corus Entertainment announced today the rebranding of two of its linear kids’ television channels as it continues to evolve its offering of best-in-class kids content.

Beginning March 27, TELETOON is set to become Cartoon Network, an iconic kids brand known worldwide for delivering the biggest and best in animation. The TELETOON brand’s legacy is marked by industry-leading animation across the country, shaping the landscape of children’s entertainment for generations. After more than 25 years of delighting fans with hilarious hijinks and gut-busting antics, TELETOON is revamped as Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network will deliver flagship shows like Total DramaRama and classic TELETOON programming. Fans can expect exciting new series produced by Cartoon Network Studios, Warner Bros. Animation, and Corus’ own Nelvana Studios – plus premieres of hit originals that include Teen Titans Go! and much more. “Staying true to our loyal fans across generations has been our top priority as we reimagine the future of our kids’ networks,” said Jennifer Abrams, SVP Programming and Multiplatform, Corus Entertainment.

Corus also introduces a new kids television channel in Canada by relaunching the current Cartoon Network channel as Boomerang. Debuting in the Canadian market for the first time, but bringing with it scores of fans worldwide, the Boomerang brand stands for the best in retro content, classic animation series and foundational kids programming. Modernizing and expanding Corus’ catalogue of genre-defining entertainment across its portfolio, the rebrand to Cartoon Network and the launch of Boomerang, signals the next chapter in Canadian kids content

Hay was informed that A.SIDE will be discontinued by the channel provider, Blue Ant Media as of January 15th, 2023. A.SIDE is in the News Theme Package

Maple Leaf Sports has informed us that the Leafs Nation Network (Leafs TV) will cease operating after August 31, 2022. Channel 474 in the Ultimate Sports package

TV Rate Changes – August 1st, 2022

New Channels August 1st, 2022
Euronews – #64
La Chaine Disney (french) – #608
TV5 – (french) #614
UNIS – (french) #615
French channels are being added in order to comply with CRTC rules regarding minimum required

We received notification from our transport provider that BET (channel number 183) will be discontinued from their offering, as of September 30th, 2022.

We are adding new TV Everywhere Services when you subscribe to these channels: Discovery Go, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery Velocity.

Register at

As of April 18th, 2022, services can be used  when you are on Xstream TV and IPTV platforms. Coming soon to CABLE platform.

On March 28th, 2022 the channel DIY Network will Rebrand to Magnolia Network. This Corus channel is a collection of inspiring stories curated by Chip and Joanna Gaines featuring some of the most talented makers, artisans, chefs, designers, and entrepreneurs across home and design, food and gardening, the arts, and more. Channel # 361

Hay Communications received notice that Bell Media will be ceasing distribution of Book TV Channel #292 and Fashion TV Channel #332 as of February 22nd, 2021.

As of Jan 17th, 2022, The $6 Crave TV service will no longer provide VOD content. Customers can only access content through the Channel-to-Go service when they register for TV Everywhere. However, the content now includes the full library offered to full CRAVE + Movies + HBO subscribers. This service cannot be added to other accounts. Only those who carried the service before November 1st, 2021 are able to maintain it. This was a decision made by the owner of Crave, Bell Entertainment.

Video on Demand Movie Rentals are being DISCONTINUED January 4th, 2022 for all Cable and IPTV Customers -It is unfortunate that we must announce that we will be discontinuing our paid movie rental service for TV customers. This will take place on January 4th, 2022. We apologize to all those who used this service. Please consider registering and using our Channels-to-Go/Watch TV Everywhere service for great TV content. Go to for information.

There will be a rate Increase to the Sportsnet ONE channel on Pick’n Pay as of May 1st, 2021. Monthly charge will be $10. Channel # 486

Teletoon West SD has become a duplicate of the HD channel and is no longer carrying time-shifted programs, therefore we are discontinuing the channel as of May 1st, 2021. Channel #304

HIFI will be rebranded to BBC First, March 16th, 2021. Bringing you the best of British entertainment. From drama and comedy, to mystery and adventure, BBC First has the perfect mix of premium programming – and a bevy of classic blockbusters! With titles like Top Gear, Sherlock, Death In Paradise, Graham Norton and more. HIFI/BBC First is a BlueAnt channel. Rebrand takes place on March 16th.

The Super Sports Pak will no longer be available for subscription as of April 1st, 2021. The package will be discontinued from current customer accounts on approximately June 1st. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Discontinuing RDS channel (French) – We will be discontinuing the French channel called RDS (615). This is due to a sharp increase in cost to deliver the channel from Bell Media.

From Corus Entertainment: “We have made the decision to cease the distribution of BBC Canada, effective December 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.”