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Telephone/Voice Res Lines

Telephone Service

When you love your telephone…
For long telephone conversations locally and abroad, trust our land-line service that we’ve been offering for over a 100 years.

Residential Phone Line

Our telephone service is fully featured and dependable.
Additional Fees: Relay Service: $0.13  |  Enhanced 9-1-1: $0.24


Long Distance

For calls within Canada and to the United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Add Features

Call Display

Display the name and number of the person who is calling.


Call Forward

Forward calls to a mobile device or any other number.


Manage My Calls

Challenge Robo callers and block their numbers.*

System learns who is allowed through and doesn’t repeat the challenge.

Manually block or allow specific numbers.

Do NOT Disturb feature


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An extra telephone number on your line with its own ring.

Toll Blocking – Per Call Access – Allows the PIN holder to make long distance calls. The feature is automatically reactivated after each call – $2.95/mo

Visual Call Waiting (includes Call Display) Your display telephone can display the name and number of a
waiting call and with a special tone – $6/mo

Subscribe to 2 or more features – $2.00/mo

Per Month
Call Waiting - A special tone alerts you that another person is trying to call you$3.00
Three-Way Calling - Allows you to create conference calls between 3 people.$3.00
Speed Calling 8 - Quickly dial 8 of your most frequently called numbers.$3.00
Speed Calling 30 - Quickly dial 30 of your most frequently called numbers.$3.00
Telemarketing Call Screening - Intercept calls from "Unknown" or "Private Name"$3.00
Call Display - Number $5.00
Call Return - Unlimited acces to *69 (see the number of the last caller) & *66 (be notified when a busy line becomes free)$3.00
Simultaneous Ring - Program up to 4 phone numbers to ring at the same time as the main number$3.00
Selective Call Acceptance - Decide which calls you will take. Turn this feature on and off$3.00
Selective Call Rejection - Reject calls from any number you place on the list. Turn this feature on and off$3.00
Selective Call Forwarding - Decide which callers will be forwarded to another number$3.00
Selective Distinctive Ring/Call Waiting - Designate up to 32 numbers with one distinctive ring$3.00

Calling Feature Instructions

Per UseMonthly
Call Trace - Released to Police Only - If you receive an unpleasant call, hang up and dial *57. A special tone will confirm the call has been traced. $5.00$10.00
Three-Way Calling$0.50$6.00
*69 Last Call Return - If you cannot get to the phone in time, dial *69 and you will hear the number of the last call if it is available$0.50$6.00
*66 Busy Call Return - When a line is busy, hang up. Pick up again and dial *66. Hang up. The line is monitored for up to 30 minutes and you will be notified with a special ring when the line is free.$0.50$6.00
*67 Call Display Blocking - Before you dial a number, dial *67 and the person you are calling will not see your number$0.00N/A
Operator Call Display Blocking - If you choose to block your number through an operator, there is a service charge$0.75N/A

Standard Voicemail

Standard Voice Mail – Maximum message length, 60 seconds. Maximum mailbox time 5 minutes.


Enhanced Voicemail

Maximum message length, 8 minutes. Maximum mailbox time 999 minutes.


Voicemail Add-ons

E-Forward – Add to standard or enhanced voice mail – Have your voice mail sent to an email address.

E-Management – Add to enhanced voice mail – Access, listen, delete messages, set up notifications and forward your calls through your computer.